We live 25miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska on a beautiful 144acres property, on a high ridge with an undisturbed view to the North.
We are far away from the disturbing city lights without any artificial light pollution:
for sure one of the best locations around Fairbanks to see the Aurora!

During our tours, you will be guest in our private home and will see how comfortably you can live „off the grid in the middle of nowhere“.
For the theoretical part of the photo classes and our Aurora-Science-presentation you will sit with us in our living room next to a warm fireplace with a hot chocolate, tea or coffee.

After that, we will go out and start taking pictures together or just sit on our big garden porch swing, bundled up in heavy blankets and enjoy the stars and the Aurora.

For our photography guests we have a system of trails established around the nearer perimeter of the house which provide many photo opportunities: just because you will be here with us the entire time of the tour, doesn’t mean that you have to shoot 300times the same picture. Staying nevertheless close to the house has the advantage, that you can go quickly back in, to warm up when you get cold and then shoot again.
If you come with your partner or family who might be not so into photography, this also offers for them the possibility to either be with you outside or enjoy the Northern Lights from inside through our huge panoramic window.

This is the same when you just come for an Aurora-viewing evening: either you spend some time outside or you enjoy the show comfortably from our living room.

For our snowshoe guests we established a system of 6 miles of trails on the property. They are designed in loops so that we can pick always the right length of walk for you, no matter of age or fitness level: it is not about passing a sports test but about experiencing an Alaskan night under millions of stars and the Northern Lights.

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