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In 2019, Frank took part  in a Photography Expedition to Antarctica as an instructor for the McKay Photography Academy


In June 2014 Miriam and Frank were both accredited White House Press Corps Photographers for the commemorations of the 70th anniversary of the landing of Allied troops on June 6th 1944 in Normandy.


After shooting the D-Day commemoration in Normandy, Miriam and Frank got in touch with many reenactment groups. They were both fascinated from this way „of keeping history alive“, so they visited several other reenactment events in Europe.


Frank really enjoys Street Photography:
It is pure and real and exciting: a little bit like Wildlife Photography – you never know what you get.
It’s a hunt, for a subject you see but no one else does – or at least not in this way.
It’s your personal, subjective view on the usual reality, everybody has seen a million times before.
Street Photography is about your skills and talent to recognize and tell a story with one pic.
You have to be patient for the right moment but you also have to be super fast. You need to know
your camera to be able to change settings in seconds or your story, your shot is gone forever.
You have to be part of your surrounding but also stay outside of it.
You must feel the vibe and you have to let it go to shoot it.
Street photography will teach you to see the world differently.
It’s not about the instant gratification of shooting attractions – it’s about finding the excitement in
your ordinary, daily life. It’s like seeing the world like a child again – where everywhere is something
awesome when you just look closely enough. Where big things are tiny and small things become gigantic.
Where there is an adventure around every corner, a fairy tale about to happen all the time:
because at the end – photography is all about the stories.

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