Covid virus

We believe in science and still regard the whole Covid 19-situation as very serious and we try to be as safe as possible with our tours.

There are certain things to mention: As of August 2021, the State of Alaska is not requiring negative tests for entering the State anymore but still recommends it for non-vaccinated travelers. Here the link for more information:  and Alaska Case Dashboard

Also we as Aurora Bear try our best to keep Alaska, you, the other guests and us as safe as possible.
Alaska is a huge State with only a small number of people but also with very limited medical resources like hospital beds. Our remote communities are even more vulnerable – villages often do not even have their own doctor, so an infectious disease can be catastrophic in such a community.

We host our tours at our own private home, so we are personally at a higher risk but we are also aware of the responsibility which comes with that: people like us who see a lot of travelers can become easily „super spreaders“, to avoid this, we have to be extra careful – which implies that we are both fully vaccinated and received our booster shots.
As soon as any of us would feel the slightest symptoms related to Covid, we will get tested in the best interest of our guests.

We also take the following precautions:

We limit the number of guests on our tours, so that guests can keep their distance from each other while enjoying a tea or a hot chocolate.

We ask all guests to please wear a mask during the tour while we are inside the van or truck and in situations when we are very close together – like looking together at the back of a camera.
If guests don’t have their own mask, we will provide one.
If guests disagree on that, we respect this point of view, but the guests will be not allowed on the tour and will receive a refund of the tour price. 
Since all tours are hosted in our private home we take more precautions than ever to clean, disinfect and sanitize thoroughly every day.

Rental gear like cameras and tripods will be also disinfected and sanitized after each use.
There will be hand sanitizer and wipes for you to use whenever you feel the need.

Beverages, food and snacks will be provided in safe and proper manner.

We appreciate your understanding and hope you agree with us on these measurements in the best interest of your own safety and health as also others and our Alaskan fellow citizens.
For further questions:
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