virtual Aurora photography

Why travel to Alaska, paying lots of money for air fees, hotels, local transportation? Why stand in the ice-cold dark, freezing off your fingers and risking your precious gear? Why take the risk that the weather is bad or no Aurora is happening while you are here? All your time and money would be wasted!

But there is an easy way around this thanks to the newest generation of photo-editing software!
For just a small fee, I will send you 20 nice Aurora pictures shot here in Alaska around our property!
Different settings, from fall without snow and winter with the full Alaskan Winter Wonderland atmosphere. During full-, half- and new moon! You can have it all!
Use „sky-swap“ and/or just alter them with the help of the newest AI to make them truly yours!
Add a new foreground and have the Aurora wherever you want: your imagination is the only limit!

$ 100.-

20 high-resolution TIFF files out of a modern Nikon DSLR
delivered via dropbox to download at your convenience

for further questions:
(+1) 907 750 7572 or

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